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Ohio Oilheat is Independent

With Oilheat, you get more than just a responsible, reliable source of warmth. You achieve personal energy independence by safely storing your own fuel and conveniently choosing from a large network of independent Ohio Oilheat dealers. Most Ohio Oilheat dealers live in the community, as do the customer service representatives who answer your call, the delivery drivers who fill your tank and the technicians who install and service your Oilheat equipment.

The addition of locally grown soybean oil to Ohio’s fuel stream is helping to push our entire state even further toward energy independence by promoting local agricultural businesses and reducing the industry’s reliance on imports from other states and countries. Oilheat delivers independence with every drop. According to a fact sheet published by the National Oilheat Research Alliance:

There are 183 retail Oilheat businesses operating in the state of Ohio. Collectively, these businesses employ 585 individuals and have an annual payroll of $22,167,000.

Many full-service Oilheat dealers offer a number of delivery options, including automatic delivery and will-call delivery, so you can choose to receive your fuel on a regular preset schedule or to monitor your own fuel supply and call ahead when you’re ready for your next fill-up.

A number of payment options may also be available. These include budget plans that divide your annual fuel cost into more manageable monthly payments, and price protection programs that provide even greater flexibility in terms of how you pay for your fuel supply.

To learn more, find and contact an Ohio Oilheat dealer near you.