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Warmth for today ... the energy to fuel the future. That's Oilheat.

From the shores of Lake Erie to the banks of the Ohio River, folks are using — and learning about the benefits of — Oilheat, as well as its greener heating cousin, Bioheat® fuel. This site is the source for Oilheat and Bioheat information, whether you're new to the fuel family or a longtime consumer. Discover conservation tips and money-saving advice, important facts about Oilheat storage tanks and tank safety, the latest technological advances in the Oilheat industry, and much more!

Find out why so many Buckeyes rely on Oilheat and Bioheat fuel for comfort, savings, safety and security!


About OOC

The Ohio Oilheat Council (OOC) develops and implements forward-thinking, Oilheat-focused programs and projects across the Buckeye State. OOC works to achieve priorities identified by ...


For Homeowners

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using a local Ohio Oilheat dealer: When you call, you’re speaking to neighbors who will treat you like family...


For Real Estate Professionals

Did you know that an Oilheat system upgrade and other high-tech home comfort features like Wi-Fi thermostats can actually help boost your asking price?


For Home Inspectors and Builders

Open communication between home builders, inspectors and heating oil dealers is one of the many goals of Ohio Oilheat Council.


For Farmers and Agricultural Professionals

There are 13,960,604 acres of farmland in the state of Ohio. That’s more than half of Ohio’s total land area, and the bulk of that farmland is what the DOA calls “prime farmland.”


Additional Resources

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